The Pollino Truffle

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The Pollino Truffle

The Pollino region is rich in truffles, whose quality is renowned far and wide. The passion for this particular tuber is expressed in different ways. Some love spending hours with their dogs in the woods searching for it, seeking a connection with nature; others prefer to experiment with new culinary solutions; while some simply enjoy its goodness at the table. In Calabria, the production of truffles in the area is extremely interesting and deserves to be celebrated properly. Truffles are hypogeous fungi, meaning they develop underground in the forest. In the woods of the Pollino, various varieties of truffles are usually found, such as Scorzone, Uncinato, Mesenterico, and Black Pregiato. In the valleys, cooler and more humid, the Precious White Truffle is found in good quantities.

PRECIOUS WHITE TRUFFLE: Its shape can be roundish, lobed, or decidedly flattened depending on the type of soil in which the truffle has grown. This species has highly variable sizes, with specimens that can weigh several hundred grams and even exceed a kilo in weight. In the kitchen, it is a species with an intense and penetrating aroma, reminiscent of methane or fermented cheese. It lends itself to being consumed raw on hot dishes that enhance its aroma without masking it.

BLACK PREGIATO TRUFFLE: Rough on the outside, with slightly pronounced warts and a black color. In the kitchen, it has a sweet aroma and a very intense flavor that pairs well with meat dishes.

BRUMALE TRUFFLE: Due to its strong taste, it is especially appreciated by those who love strong flavors. How to recognize it? It is similar to the black precious truffle, from which it differs mainly for the grayish tones of the gleba, the more pronounced veins, and the strong aroma, similar to that of turnips. There is a variety of Brumale truffle with a strong musky odor, called the Musky Truffle.

SCORZONE TRUFFLE: Since it has a faint aroma, it is used as a base for preparations with other ingredients.

MARZUOLO TRUFFLE: Its strong, garlicky aroma, intense and long-lasting flavor make it a suitable condiment for various dishes, provided, like the precious truffle, it is not subjected to prolonged cooking.

UNCINATO TRUFFLE: It has very branched white veins, more or less fine, and tendentially smaller sizes compared to the scorzone. Its tasty aroma makes it a species suitable for various uses, both raw and cooked. It has many admirers in kitchens all over the world.

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