The Most Beautiful Village in Italy 2021 is in Calabria

Enjoy it!TerritoryThe Most Beautiful Village in Italy 2021 is in Calabria

The Most Beautiful Village in Italy 2021 is in Calabria

Tropea, known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has been elected “Village of Villages 2021.” An acknowledgment that honors the most charming corner of Calabria and certifies how the tip of the Boot is a tourist attraction rich in enchanting places. It prevailed over 20 other cities. Indeed, there were a total of many small villages in Italy competing for the coveted title. The victory in the passionate challenge of the well-known program on Rai3 was decreed by a jury of three experts. It was composed of Rosanna Marziale, a Michelin-starred chef and protagonist of the Food Network TV channel, Mario Tozzi, a geologist and host of “Sapiens,” and Jacopo Veneziani, a professor, disseminator, and PhD candidate in Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris.


Tropea needs no introduction. Famous all over the world, it is a destination for thousands of tourists all year round. It is the “capital” of the Costa degli Dei, renowned for the beauty of its golden beaches. In summer, it becomes the nerve center of the entire region. It is perched on a promontory 60 meters above sea level. Apart from the panorama that allows you to glimpse the island of Stromboli in the distance, it boasts enchanting coastlines. Along the promenade, you come face to face with the rocky spur that divides the coastline itself in two, from the top of which stands the church of Santa Maria dell’Isola, a symbol of the town. To fully enjoy the village means first walking along the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele II towards the sea. However, you can also deviate to visit the Romanesque-Sicilian-Norman Cathedral of the twelfth century. Inside, the icon of the Patron Saint of the town, the Virgin of Romania, dating back to 1230, and the large Black Crucifix of 1600 stand out. For memories and souvenirs, there is no shortage of many typical artisan shops in the area.


Between a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a local wine, beware of not buying the famous Red Onion of Tropea. It has the IGP mark and is envied at every latitude. Sweet and crunchy, the qualitative peculiarities of this variety depend on its genetic makeup and its interaction with the environment. The symbiosis of the characteristics of the soil, the proximity of the sea whose breeze caresses the fields, the particular temperatures, and the humidity make this product more unique than rare in all its kind.

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