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Sassone Tartufi

Sassone Tartufi originates in Rocca Imperiale, a Calabrian town bordering Basilicata and overlooking the Ionian Sea. Rocca Imperiale sits on a natural slope of the Calabrian-Lucanian Apennines, with its summit at around 200 meters above sea level, and the coast just 4 km away.

These factors characterize the unique microclimate that has already made Rocca Imperiale famous for its lemons, which have obtained the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark. Rocca Imperiale and the surrounding area have a very particular climate, a characteristic that has allowed the production of high-quality truffles with excellent organoleptic properties.

Sassone Tartufi was born from a Passion. In the late nineties, the love for his four-legged friend led Egidio Sassone, a young man from Rocca Imperiale, a Calabrian town, to buy his first truffle dog. As often happens, truffle hunting, an activity practiced by Egidio in his spare time as a hobby, becomes increasingly important over the years, eventually turning into a commercial activity. Egidio expands the collection of the precious tuber, collaborating with professional truffle hunters in the area.

Sassone Tartufi is located in the town of Rocca Imperiale, a small medieval village on the border between Calabria and Basilicata, rich in history and culture, famous for its IGP lemons, the golden treasure that shines in the hamlets of the village, reflecting in the Ionian Sea: a fertile territory surrounded by hills, where truffle hunting takes place in the woods.

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