Palmi The first stop on our itinerary all the way to Villa San Giovanni, Palmi marks the starting point of the famous Costa Viola (so named for the distinctive purplish color of the sea). Renowned for the historic Varìa, it can be considered the location from which the famous Costa Viola (named for the distinctive […]

CATROVILLARI Castrovillari is the capital of the Pollino National Park. As the largest center in the area, it boasts a series of structures worth visiting in person. The first is the Aragonese Castle, built in the second half of the 1400s by order of King Ferdinand of Aragon, concerned about the revolts in Calabria. It […]

CAMIGLIATELLO (National Park and Cecita Lake) Camigliatello Silano is the perfect place for a tourist who wants to immerse themselves in the mountain atmosphere. Located at an altitude of 1272 meters, it serves as the operational base for all movements. The village is characterized by a main street where artisan shops and gourmet stores intertwine. […]

“The green gold” in Calabria holds the same importance as bread and wine. Every part of the olive represents a primary source of use. Wood, olives, leaves, and oil are a bridge between the past and the future. Calabria ranks second among the largest Italian olive oil producers, with a production of about 180,000 tons, […]

TERRANOVA DA SIBARI Terranova da Sibari over the centuries has always represented the nobility and prosperity of one of the most important centers in all of Calabria. It is worth noting that in 1735, Charles III of Bourbon was a guest of the last feudal lords of the area, the Spinelli family. They resided in […]

COSENZA Cosenza, for years the cradle of culture in the entire south, has been called the Athens of Calabria since antiquity. It is one of the most beautiful cities, rich in art and history, in the entire region, strategically located. Twenty minutes from the Tyrrhenian Sea and about half an hour from the Sila Mountains, […]

LA SILA La Sila is one of the most enchanting places in Italy. Its healthy air and natural predisposition to agriculture and pastoralism have always made it a fundamental hub for Calabria. Unlike the rest of the Apennines, it is a plateau, and its orographic conformation tells the story of a people as proud as […]

Calabria was once called Enotria. Yes, precisely the Land of Wine. This is because the southernmost region of the Italian peninsula was immediately considered an ideal place to continue the ancient tradition of the Greeks. Over the centuries, this art has become increasingly refined, so much so as to guarantee the Doc, Docg, and Igt […]

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