The name Glycyrrhiza glabra may not mean much to many, but specifying that it is the plant from which liquorice is derived completely changes the conversation. The one cultivated in Calabria was imported by the Benedictines as early as the 11th century. It came from the East, precisely from southwest Asia facing the Mediterranean. Evidence […]

Calabrian cured meats are one of the region’s excellences, and their production dates back to the Magna Graecia period. In a land mainly devoted to agriculture, pig farming was never excessively costly, and its prolificacy ensured food even for the poorest classes. Centuries later, techniques have been refined, but customs have remained intact. The respect […]

The taste of the Red Onion of Tropea is the reason that has made it one of Calabria’s icons, leading many to define it as the region’s “Red Gold.” Sweet and crunchy, the qualitative characteristics of this variety depend on its genetic makeup and its interaction with the environment. The symbiosis of the soil’s characteristics, […]

The “Antico” or “Nostrano di Rocca Imperiale” is the IGP lemon cultivated for hundreds of years in Rocca Imperiale and its surroundings. In addition to an intense yellow color and a very vigorous aroma, it also has a different shape from the classic ones. It presents itself with a weight ranging from 100 to 160 […]

The evergreen and long-lived olive trees are an unmistakable part of the Calabrian landscape. Already in the 7th century B.C., there are traces of their presence in the territory, when the Greeks imported the plant from Asia Minor. They adapt to almost all types of terrain, and over time, olive harvesting and oil production techniques […]

The Clementines of Calabria PGI are generally consumed fresh thanks to their captivating flavor. However, they are also widely used in the preparation of sorbets, juices, syrups, and jams. It is a product highly popular in Calabria, so much so that the production areas are concentrated in the plain areas throughout the region. Specifically, they […]

The DOP Cosenza Figs are one of the products that characterize the agricultural activity of the entire area. Their typicality is attributed to the Crati Valley, where an extremely favorable microclimate exists. This is thanks to a hilly environment with mild temperatures that has generated the conditions conducive to vegetation. The production area of ​​this […]

Calabria will never cease to thank Christopher Columbus, who returned from his second voyage to America in 1463 with chili pepper plants. Historical evidence suggests that as early as 5,500 BC, it was known in Mexico and Chile. In Europe, it found a suitable climate throughout the Mediterranean basin, as well as in Africa and […]

Let’s start with a fact. Sila is completely free from sources of atmospheric and/or water pollution, thanks to the total absence of industries in the area and busy roads. A 2010 study indeed found lower concentrations of fine dust on the Sila plateau than those detected on the Svalbard Islands near the North Pole. This […]

The ancient Greeks called Calabria “Enotria” because they considered it the Land of Wine, and the wine produced in this region was granted to the winners at the end of the Olympics. In modern times, this nectar of the Gods has returned to prominence. Bivongi: This is a light wine in terms of total alcohol […]

The Pollino region is rich in truffles, whose quality is renowned far and wide. The passion for this particular tuber is expressed in different ways. Some love spending hours with their dogs in the woods searching for it, seeking a connection with nature; others prefer to experiment with new culinary solutions; while some simply enjoy […]

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