DOC Wines of Calabria

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DOC Wines of Calabria

The ancient Greeks called Calabria “Enotria” because they considered it the Land of Wine, and the wine produced in this region was granted to the winners at the end of the Olympics. In modern times, this nectar of the Gods has returned to prominence.

Bivongi: This is a light wine in terms of total alcohol content, ranging from 10% obtained in the white variety to a maximum of 12.5% reached by the Reserve red. It excels in the red quality, which is marketed in three different types, but the rosé and white are also appreciated.

Donnici DOC: This is a blend obtained from various local grape varieties, among which the Magliocco Nero stands out, a local variety of Gaglioppo, which is used up to a maximum of 50%. Other grapes from the area, both white and black, are added in percentages not exceeding 20%. This blend produces a red wine with a minimum total alcohol content of 12.5%.

Greco di Bianco: This wine originates from a vine that requires care. Well spread throughout the region, it is used in the production of typical white wines of Calabria.

Lamezia DOC red: This wine is obtained from a blend of local grape varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, whose presence must not exceed 30-50% in the production of red and rosé. The rosé boasts a minimum alcohol content of 11.5%. The white, instead, is obtained from a blend of Greco Bianco grapes up to 50%, Trebbiano Toscano maximum 40%, and Malvasia Bianca no less than 20%.

Melissa DOC: This wine is produced in red, Superior red, and white varieties, from a double grape blend.

Pollino DOC: This wine retains very particular climatic characteristics that make it low in sugar but rich in aromas and polyphenols. It has a ruby red color, an intense aroma, and a fairly dry and sapid taste

San Vito di Luzzi DOC: This wine is produced in red, rosé, and white varieties using grapes from local vineyards. It is one of the most heterogeneous wines of Calabria.

Savuto DOC: It must have a more or less intense ruby red color, a characteristic aroma, and a dry taste, with a minimum total alcohol content of 12%. The “Superiore” qualification of Savuto DOC is obtained after 2 years of mandatory aging.

Verbicaro DOC: Ranging from red with a minimum alcohol content of 13% to rosé (10.5%). The “Riserva” quality, aged for 2 years in barrels, has an alcohol content of 13.5%. Like most wines produced from grapes grown in limestone and porous soils, it has a medium-low level of sugars.

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