Certified oils from Calabria

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Certified oils from Calabria

The evergreen and long-lived olive trees are an unmistakable part of the Calabrian landscape. Already in the 7th century B.C., there are traces of their presence in the territory, when the Greeks imported the plant from Asia Minor. They adapt to almost all types of terrain, and over time, olive harvesting and oil production techniques have been refined. In Calabria, there are 3 PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) oils: “Bruzio,” “Lametia,” and “Alto Crotonese.”


Dating back to the Byzantine era, but it was not until the 19th century that cultivation expanded to such an extent as to become the engine of the entire local economy. PDO Alto Crotonese Olive Oil is obtained from the Carolea olive variety. Its organoleptic properties make it one of the lightest oils available. It is therefore ideal for consumption raw to dress fish, meat, and vegetables.

How to distinguish it? -> The oil has a yellow color with green reflections, a fruity flavor, and a delicate olive smell.


Mainly produced in the province of Cosenza, it owes its name to the ancient Bruzi population who once dominated the area. The production of PDO oil takes place in the hilly areas, the Sibaritide, the Crati Valley, and the pre-Silane Ionian hills. It is perfect for consuming raw on foods such as fish or meat.

How to distinguish it? -> It has a golden color tending towards greenish, and its flavor is fruity, as well as its smell.


The name Lametia indicates the current Laconia. We are in the province of Catanzaro, where the peculiarity concerns the olive groves. They are made up of only one species of plants: the Carolea. The production of this PDO oil is therefore very ancient and deeply rooted in the population. It is one of the most prized oils in Italy used in a myriad of national dishes.

How to distinguish it? -> It has a yellow or green color while its flavor is delicate and fruity.


Alongside the three PDO productions, since 20/12/2016, the Official Journal of the European Union has registered the designation Calabria IGP – EVO Oil. It concerns the entire territory of Calabria where areas dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil are found. In these territories, the climate is characterized by a very cold and humid winter season and a hot and dry summer season. Calabria IGP Olive Oil must be stored in perfectly clean stainless steel containers without traces of detergents after extraction.

How to distinguish it? -> Among the sensory characteristics, there is primarily the fruity aroma of green or just ripe olives. Before packaging, the oil must undergo natural decantation.

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