At the center of the two large urban areas of the municipality of Corigliano-Rossano lies the Byzantine-Norman monastery complex of Santa Maria del Patire. It is a building from the early 12th century boasting immeasurable historical and artistic value. Erected in a position of great charm, it stands in the locality of Ronconiate on a […]

A story within a story, a saga, that of the Amarelli family, which began around the year one thousand and continued over the centuries amidst Crusades, intellectual commitment, and agriculture. A story to touch with your hands, to read, to listen to, to experience at the Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum. Engravings, documents, books, vintage photos, […]

Palazzo Arnone stands on Colle Triglio, one of the seven hills that host the urban fabric of Cosenza. Today it houses the National Gallery, the city’s most important museum complex. It was built in the sixteenth century and initially used as a women’s prison. A protest by the inmates that erupted into a riot left […]

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